Thursday, June 18, 2015

Sailing in Croatia with pets

For crossing the Croatian border with pet, it is obligatory to have pet passport and proper documentation for your pet. Also, in Croatia, it is obligatory that pets are micro chipped and vaccinated against rabies. It will be smart to check Croatian quarantine laws regarding sorts of pets.

We always recommend installation of safety net along the sides of the yacht. Also, plan shorter legs of your sailing trips, remember, dogs need their time on mainland. Recommended is, also, avoiding crowded bays and beaches with your dog; some of your neighbors could protest about dogs and sometimes would not be tolerant of your pet. Beside safety net, you can always bring extra safety gear for your dog or cat; it may be purchased in various pets shops.
Sailing can sometimes cause discomfort to your pet and they may get scared; that's why you need to reserve a corner for them to hide. Also be sure to remove anything that might harm your pet in case of panic.

Dogs should be house-broken, but even then they sometimes get confused on board. Charter yachts leave them limited options. You can try with a piece of Astro Turf. It will give your pet an illusion of grass and it is easy to clean. It is much easier for cats, a litter box will be just enough. However, place these below deck for stability reasons.
Another thing to consider on charter yacht are companionway stairs adapted for your dog. Most of our charter boats are equipped with stairs with approx. 20cm stair space, which is suitable for bigger dogs. A plank is also a practical solution.

A pet can also get sunburns and sea-sickness so make sure there is enough shade for them and fresh water. Some medications used for humans can help them with sea-sickness but you should consult your vet.
At last, your pet will enjoy a trip on sailing yacht in Croatia as much as you, as long as you have prepared everything for its comfortable and safe stay on board.


  1. We should confirm , If we are going with the pets. Some resorts do not allow to stay with pets. I have visited once Jaipur to Manali in 2015.

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