Monday, April 27, 2015

How to stay safe on sailing trip

If you want to navigate a sailing yacht from our fleet, you should own an ISSA sailing certificate and RYA certificate for VHF. Those certificates ensure a wide range of knowledge of maritime navigation, protective measures, meteorology, first aid and maritime radio service.
Besides your knowledge it will be smart to familiarize the crew with the rules on the sea, such as safety rules on board. Here are some suggestions how to prepare your crew for emergencies:

Make sure everyone has a life jacket and let them know where they are located. Life jackets are essential safety equipment on board, and we will assure them for you and your crew. While sailing, children should always wear life jackets.
Sailing with children always requires extra attention and caution. Safety net can prevent child’s falling off the boat, as well as pets, toys or equipment.

Show everyone how to stop the boat. Assume, in the worst case scenario, that you are in the water or having a medical or other emergency. Under sail, show them at least how to release the mainsheet and jib sheet immediately to spill the wind and stop the boat. Under power, show them how to shut down the engine and some basic steering maneuvers.
Show everyone where fire extinguishers are located and show them boat’s radio and how to use it. Explain how to switch the radio on and call for help in case of emergency.

Explain the plan if someone falls overboard. Falling overboard is the most common boating accident, a situation that requires immediate action from others in addition to the captain. Tell them what to do if you yourself end up in the water (best they are able to stop the boat so that you can swim to it). You should also explain that you need their help if one crew member falls overboard. Throw the life ring and other floating objects immediately. Assign one person to watch the person in the water all the time, pointing with an outstretched arm. Others should stand by for your orders, such as controlling the sails or preparing a life jacket. It takes a coordinated team effort to return the boat to someone in the water and assist the person back on board.

Follow the weather forecast and warnings at all time. Our base manager will inform you about the weather forecast for three days in advance and about possible local storms. If the storm is announced in your area you will be instructed to make necessary actions with boat equipment and referred to the nearby safe harbor.

Accidents and unexpected situations can happen on the sea, and in these cases you should stay calm and instruct your crew what to do in current situation. Let good old phrase "better safe than sorry" stay on your mind during a trip and your sailing holiday in Croatia on a chartered yacht will be a safe and pleasant experience.

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Explore Dalmatian islands in seven days

Route 1 begins in our charter base in Trogir. First day of your arrival you’ll spend on unpacking things and getting to know the yacht you chartered, so we recommend you spend the afternoon and evening exploring Trogir. Walking through the narrow cobbled streets of this, over a thousand year old, town rich with cultural monuments, you’ll feel the long and rich past of Trogir. Under the auspices of UNESCO, Trogir has very well preserved heritage. Try the fresh Dalmatian fish and meat specialties in restaurants such as: Kaleta, Tragos, Alka, Capo...
On your second day, sail out toward the northern side of island Brač to Milna bay. It is a short distance of sailing – 12NM. If there’s a western wind – Maestral - blowing, this can be your first opportunity to spread sails and enjoy easy sailing. Milna is popular first stop of many sailors if they are coming from Trogir or Split direction, mostly because of the fuel station located at the entrance. In Milna is also an ACI marina with well-equipped berths and other facilities. Milna abounds with souvenir shops, cafes and restaurants. You will find several supermarkets here as well as smaller food stores, bakery, butcher shop and a small fruit and vegetable market. Other quiet coves ideal for swimming are located not far from Milna, such as Osibova, Lučice and Maslinova bay.

Palmižana bay - photo source

On your third morning sail toward Pakleni islands, to St. Klement’s island. With distance of 12NM, and delightful Maestral blowing, you’ll be just in time for lunch in Palmižana bay. With crystal clear sea, rocky beaches and rich flora, Palmižana attracts many charter yachts offering also a well-equipped ACI marina, bars and restaurants with fish and meat specialties.
Next morning, spread your sails and sail toward island Vis, to Stončica bay, a discreet cove with beautiful beach surrounded by thick Mediterranean vegetation and the crystal clear sea. The underwater area has extremely slight decrease, so that even with 30m distance from the shore, the sea level is low and you are in water maybe up to your waist. These conditions are ideal for children and for non-swimmers who have are uncomfortable at great depths. On the beach is a restaurant which offers excellent gastronomic specialties and a wide selection of quality wine. For the ones who like a more active vacation, there’s also a playground for beach volleyball.

Komiža - photo source Tourist Board of Komiža

On the following day we recommend a visit to beautiful Komiža. Komiža is lovely fishermen village situated on the western coast of island Vis. It is a quiet place and less crowded than Vis, surrounded by narrow streets, attractive stone houses squeezed together along the harbor and splendid beaches. Along the entire eastern coast of Komiža bay you'll find many pebble beaches with fresh water springs, such as Gusarica, Nova Pošta, and Velo Žalo. Island Biševo is visible from Komiža (only 5 miles away). It is well known for its geomorphologic phenomenon - Blue Cave. We recommend you spend the night in Komiža, and sail out next morning to Maslinica on island Šolta.
Maslinica, just like Komiža, has a fishing tradition and atmosphere as well as a touristic one. Just at the entrance to the bay, there's a new marina placed on the right side and within, a Martinis-Marchi hotel. At Maslinica you can savor specialties of hotel's restaurant or enjoy them in a traditional konoba where you'll be served local wine and products. Visit a beach bar on the north side of bay or spend a romantic evening listening to “klapa” concerto - a form of traditional a cappella singing on the hotel's terrace. Next morning and lunch you can spend in Maslinica and go swimming in Šešula bay, a quite bay only half mile away from Maslinica. Later in the aternoon of the sixth day of your week at sea on Dalmatia Charter's sailing yacht, we recommend you sail back to Trogir, where our team will wait for you to help you fill the tank before the Friday’s rush in the marina.
We hope we you find Route 1 interested, and if you'll have any question or interests regarding these or other routes and sailing destinations we recommend, feel free to contact us at, we'll gladly organize your sailing holiday.

Friday, April 17, 2015

Children on board - safety comes first

Sailing in Croatia on a chartered yacht can be a great opportunity for children to learn something about the life on the sea, nature and Croatia itself. However, having children on board can be as tricky as it is wonderful.
It is well known to every parent that kids can be easily bored so you need to pack plenty of things which will entertain them and make them busy. They can also be playful and clumsy on deck so ensure some safety features for your child to make sailing safe and fun.

It is important to set safety rules which you have to discuss with the children before the trip. Make sure safety rules are strictly followed, especially when younger children are involved. All children must wear a life jacket when on deck, no child goes on the fore deck when sailing, and if the weather gets really too rough, children must go down below. Beside these rules, parent supervision is inevitable.

If youngest ones are on board, we suggest a safety net. Safety net is the net that is advisable to have hung onto the boat's railing especially when sailing with small children and animals. It prevents children, toys, pieces of equipment or pets from falling overboard. Let Dalmatia Charter team know if you'll need a safety net installed and we'll put it on the boats fence.

Kids are more sensitive of environment change than adults, so make sure that you bring along enough seasickness medicines as well as for flu and stomachaches; sunscreen with a high SPF is a must. Those who bring babies onboard should bare in mind that baby food is not available in every island you sail to, especially if it needs special nurishment.

Children would enjoy their stay on the yacht as long as they find it fun, interesting and exciting, and their parents would enjoy their sailing trip as well! Enjoy sailing in Croatia carefree and safe by letting us know if you will need any equipment or accessories for children and we will include it on your sailing holiday provision.