Thursday, June 11, 2015

What food to buy for a sailing holiday

Before your arrival in Trogir or Primosten base, think about stopping at a supermarket. Whether you're coming from Split airport, or driving a car to either base, there are supermarkets on your way, close to marinas. We recommend you to go shopping while you're still on land because groceries, as well as anything else, are much cheaper on land then on islands.

Quantity of food you're about to take on the boat depends on the crew, but you should also count on greater appetite while at sea. Best is to buy food with extended shelf-life, rather than perishable food. Perishables buy in quantities you're about to spend in day or two. If you are with children take enough snacks and drinking water. You'll be surprised how much food kinds can eat at sea.

We recommend you make a list according to meals - breakfast, lunch, dinner. For breakfast one would normally buy milk, cereals, bagels, eggs, ham, jams, butter and bread. You sure want to keep it simple for lunch, since you wouldn’t want to spend couple of hours cooking. In that case we recommend buying foods that can make a light salad or sandwiches. That includes green salad, seasonal vegetables, canned tuna, pasta, cheese and some meat, like chicken for example. For dinner we suggest tomato sauce, mincemeat, steaks, vegetables, pasta or rice. Do not forget snacks for children - dried fruits, seasonal fruits, cookies, potato chips, sweets... When thinking about different spices you want to use on the boat - besides salt, pepper and sugar that will already be on the boat, you should buy them yourselves.
It is important to think about preparing extra portions, but you'll probably visit some local restaurants and try Croatian cuisine as well - this is also something you should include in your sailing holiday provisioning.
Don’t forget to bring mineral water; it will restore minerals in your body lost by being exposed to the sun. Get enough juices for children and beer and wine for grown-ups, you'll probably drink an extra glass then you would at home. Coffee and tea should also be on the list.

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