Thursday, June 25, 2015

Island Šćedro - sailing destination

This pearl of Croatian's south Adriatic has been known for its good anchorage places and safe harbors since ancient times, so it is not surprising that Šćedro is a favorite destination for yacht charterers in Croatia. There is no water or electricity on the island so expect higher prices of the water since locals bring it from the island Hvar. Also remember to bring some food and bread along if you opt for a sleepover on Šćedro, as there are no stores on the island.

Mostir and Veli Porat bay (Photo source

A very small population of 30 people lives on Šćedro during summer, in winter even less. The old settlements of Mostir and Nastane are now largely abandoned, except for restaurants and other tourist facilities opened in the summer season. In Mostir bay you'll definitely find your peace. Except clean calm sea and untouched nature, this bay adorns a Dominican monastery from the 15th century. You can anchor a charter yacht on one of five buoys (property of a local restaurant). Mostir bay is well protected from southern winds, but open to northern, so if there is a sign of north wind we recommend setting sail and finding a shelter in the neighboring Veli Porat.
Veli Porat is a popular anchorage and is often full in summer, especially when south and north winds blow because the south bays of Hvar provide little shelter. Entering Veli Porat bay, on the left side is a small inlet Rake, with depth of 5-12m, suitable for anchoring. Sailing towards the bottom of the bay you'll enter the inlet Srida with buoy field in property of two restaurants. Your children will definitely enjoy a sandy bottom of inlet Srida. If a strong north wind blows, we recommend anchoring in third inlet of Veli Porat - Lovišće. Here you can anchor on a buoy of local restaurant or on anchor.

Čarnjeni bay (photo source

Well protected bays from northern and western winds are bays on the south side of island Šćedro - Čarnjeni bay, called Porteruša by locals and Borova lučica bay. With depth of 7-9 m you can safely anchor a bareboat and stay safe from Bora and northwest winds.

Don't miss beautiful island Šćedro, let it be an unavoidable stop at your sailing vacation with charter yacht in Croatia.

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