Sunday, July 26, 2015

Island Biševo - sailing destination

Blue Cave - photo source Tourist Board of Komiža

 The beauty of Biševo's Blue Cave has been recognized by Baron Eugene von Ransonnet far back in 1884. Upon his suggestion, the entrance to the cave has been enlarged, making it accessible to visitors from around the world. The cave now has two entrances: the smaller one artificially widened and deepened so a small boat could enter, and the wider one, located at the southern part of the cave – the underwater passage, through which the magical game of light and water is performed. Depending on the season, the ideal time to visit the cave is between 9am and 1pm. You can enter with dinghy, but only paddling, or with locals’ small boat. Blue Cave is a protected geomorphologic statue of nature and entrance must be accompanied by local authorities and charged: 50 Kuna per adult and 25 Kuna per child in high season.

 Mezuporat and Porat bay - photo source Tourist Board of Komiža

After you’ve visited the Blue Cave, you may go right around the corner to Mezuporat bay and take a swim and enjoy refreshments from local bar on a sandy beach. Mezuporat is a popular destination for Blue Cave's visitors, but, around 13:00 o’clock, most tourists go back to Komiža or Vis and you'll be able to moor a sailing boat at a local pier. Depth in bay is up to 15m, safe from SE and SW winds.
If you prefer calm bays, you may walk on the other side on the island, to Salbunara bay. Here you can buy local wine Biševski Plavac or homemade liqueur of island's herbs. 
 Another bay on the western side of island is Porat - much bigger and popular bay with few buoys, two restaurants and a beautiful sandy beach. Depth of this bay is up to 25m, it is well protected from all winds, except from SW wind. Porat is good shelter if Bora catches you. 

Monk Seal Cave - photo source Tourist Board of Komiža

On the southeastern part of the island is the Monk Seal Cave. Its entrance is a narrow, almost thirty meters high, gap in a cliff. As does the Blue cave, Monk Seal Cave also has geomorphological specificity. Monk Seal cave is 160 m long with a relatively big entrance which gets smaller inwards. This cave was named after a very rare type of seal, the Mediterranean Monk Seal, which habitats in the cave. After a long period of almost complete absence of this beautiful animal from our part of the Adriatic, in the past few years she’s been sighted. Therefore, it is not unrealistic to expect that the Monk Seal Cave welcomes its old occupants again.

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Introducing our fleet : "Kokica" - Bavaria 49

Let us introduce one of the most popular bareboat in our fleet – ‘Kokica’. Bavaria 49 sailing boat is well known as spacious cruising charter sailboat, and that's why it’s highly popular among charterers. With its 5 cabins and 3 toilets, Kokica can accommodate up to 10 people. Most important details of Kokica are listed here.

At the Bavaria 49 stern you'll notice two steering wheels intended for a comfortable boat navigation and a spacious cockpit. On the standard Bavaria 49 cockpit table we’ve added an extension for accommodating up to 8 people comfortably. There is also a bimini with standing height so you can move freely on board. The wide deck provides easy access to the foredeck, where there’s a plenty of area for sunbathing. Kokica is an easy boat to sail - especially with well-designed primaries and high boom so there is no need to take the bimini down if you want to spread the mainsail.

Here is list of our standard equipment on Kokica, included in price:
•    Self-tailing winch
•    Autopilot
•    Bow thruster
•    Depth sounder
•    GPS chart plotter
•    Navigation (Nautical) charts and nautical guide
•    Battery charger
•    Bilge pump - Electric
•    Converter 220V/12V
•    Plugs 12V
•    Shore connection 220 V
•    Solar panels
•    VHF radio
•    Bimini top
•    Cockpit cushions
•    Cockpit table
•    Cockpit/stern, outside shower
•    Electric anchor windlass
•    Spray hood
•    Hot water
•    Refrigerator
•    Bed linen
•    Bilge pump - manual
•    Radio CD mp3 player
•    Wi-Fi Internet
•    Dinghy
•    Mainsail and furling genoa NEW!

The bright saloon of Bavaria 49 bareboat enjoys an airy ambience, with wide 4.46m beam which allows comfortable seating and eating arrangements. Around the dining table, you could comfortably seat 8 to 10 on three comfortable lounges.

In relation to the new ships, interior is made of solid wood in the right ''boat style''. The U-shaped kitchen is fully equipped with gas stove and oven, fridge, freezer, twin stainless-steel sinks and lot of storage spaces below and above in hanging lockers and shelves.

The five separate sleeping cabins comprise of one large double cabin in the bow, two stern double cabins and a two twin cabins at the sides of the boat. All mattresses in cabins have been renewed in season 2014. This spacious bareboat has plenty of storage space in timber lockers, hanging lockers and shelves. In first part of Kokica’s saloon is the navigation desk, which has plenty of space for electronics and storage and even contains a handy tool compartment under the seat. The two stern double cabins are equipped with enough lockers and drawers to place clothes for a week.
Bavaria 49 is a very popular sailing yacht, mainly because of large number of cabins and toilets and its easy-handled sailing equipment. With high rank  of 4,87 on and 100% recommendation rate, Kokica will definitely fulfill all of you expectations, and make your sailing holiday even more pleasant. Kokica is berthed in our Trogir base and available to rent from April 1st until October 31st 2015. On this link you can check Kokica's availability.

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Island Šćedro - sailing destination

This pearl of Croatian's south Adriatic has been known for its good anchorage places and safe harbors since ancient times, so it is not surprising that Šćedro is a favorite destination for yacht charterers in Croatia. There is no water or electricity on the island so expect higher prices of the water since locals bring it from the island Hvar. Also remember to bring some food and bread along if you opt for a sleepover on Šćedro, as there are no stores on the island.

Mostir and Veli Porat bay (Photo source

A very small population of 30 people lives on Šćedro during summer, in winter even less. The old settlements of Mostir and Nastane are now largely abandoned, except for restaurants and other tourist facilities opened in the summer season. In Mostir bay you'll definitely find your peace. Except clean calm sea and untouched nature, this bay adorns a Dominican monastery from the 15th century. You can anchor a charter yacht on one of five buoys (property of a local restaurant). Mostir bay is well protected from southern winds, but open to northern, so if there is a sign of north wind we recommend setting sail and finding a shelter in the neighboring Veli Porat.
Veli Porat is a popular anchorage and is often full in summer, especially when south and north winds blow because the south bays of Hvar provide little shelter. Entering Veli Porat bay, on the left side is a small inlet Rake, with depth of 5-12m, suitable for anchoring. Sailing towards the bottom of the bay you'll enter the inlet Srida with buoy field in property of two restaurants. Your children will definitely enjoy a sandy bottom of inlet Srida. If a strong north wind blows, we recommend anchoring in third inlet of Veli Porat - Lovišće. Here you can anchor on a buoy of local restaurant or on anchor.

Čarnjeni bay (photo source

Well protected bays from northern and western winds are bays on the south side of island Šćedro - Čarnjeni bay, called Porteruša by locals and Borova lučica bay. With depth of 7-9 m you can safely anchor a bareboat and stay safe from Bora and northwest winds.

Don't miss beautiful island Šćedro, let it be an unavoidable stop at your sailing vacation with charter yacht in Croatia.

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Sailing in Croatia with pets

For crossing the Croatian border with pet, it is obligatory to have pet passport and proper documentation for your pet. Also, in Croatia, it is obligatory that pets are micro chipped and vaccinated against rabies. It will be smart to check Croatian quarantine laws regarding sorts of pets.

We always recommend installation of safety net along the sides of the yacht. Also, plan shorter legs of your sailing trips, remember, dogs need their time on mainland. Recommended is, also, avoiding crowded bays and beaches with your dog; some of your neighbors could protest about dogs and sometimes would not be tolerant of your pet. Beside safety net, you can always bring extra safety gear for your dog or cat; it may be purchased in various pets shops.
Sailing can sometimes cause discomfort to your pet and they may get scared; that's why you need to reserve a corner for them to hide. Also be sure to remove anything that might harm your pet in case of panic.

Dogs should be house-broken, but even then they sometimes get confused on board. Charter yachts leave them limited options. You can try with a piece of Astro Turf. It will give your pet an illusion of grass and it is easy to clean. It is much easier for cats, a litter box will be just enough. However, place these below deck for stability reasons.
Another thing to consider on charter yacht are companionway stairs adapted for your dog. Most of our charter boats are equipped with stairs with approx. 20cm stair space, which is suitable for bigger dogs. A plank is also a practical solution.

A pet can also get sunburns and sea-sickness so make sure there is enough shade for them and fresh water. Some medications used for humans can help them with sea-sickness but you should consult your vet.
At last, your pet will enjoy a trip on sailing yacht in Croatia as much as you, as long as you have prepared everything for its comfortable and safe stay on board.

Thursday, June 11, 2015

What food to buy for a sailing holiday

Before your arrival in Trogir or Primosten base, think about stopping at a supermarket. Whether you're coming from Split airport, or driving a car to either base, there are supermarkets on your way, close to marinas. We recommend you to go shopping while you're still on land because groceries, as well as anything else, are much cheaper on land then on islands.

Quantity of food you're about to take on the boat depends on the crew, but you should also count on greater appetite while at sea. Best is to buy food with extended shelf-life, rather than perishable food. Perishables buy in quantities you're about to spend in day or two. If you are with children take enough snacks and drinking water. You'll be surprised how much food kinds can eat at sea.

We recommend you make a list according to meals - breakfast, lunch, dinner. For breakfast one would normally buy milk, cereals, bagels, eggs, ham, jams, butter and bread. You sure want to keep it simple for lunch, since you wouldn’t want to spend couple of hours cooking. In that case we recommend buying foods that can make a light salad or sandwiches. That includes green salad, seasonal vegetables, canned tuna, pasta, cheese and some meat, like chicken for example. For dinner we suggest tomato sauce, mincemeat, steaks, vegetables, pasta or rice. Do not forget snacks for children - dried fruits, seasonal fruits, cookies, potato chips, sweets... When thinking about different spices you want to use on the boat - besides salt, pepper and sugar that will already be on the boat, you should buy them yourselves.
It is important to think about preparing extra portions, but you'll probably visit some local restaurants and try Croatian cuisine as well - this is also something you should include in your sailing holiday provisioning.
Don’t forget to bring mineral water; it will restore minerals in your body lost by being exposed to the sun. Get enough juices for children and beer and wine for grown-ups, you'll probably drink an extra glass then you would at home. Coffee and tea should also be on the list.

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Our fleet :: Bavaria Cruiser 32 - Sax

During high season is sometimes difficult to find a berthing place in small marinas, or narrow bays along Croatian islands. That's why smaller sailing boats are the most demanded boats for charter in Dalmatia Charter’s fleet. If you are sailing with your family, with Bavaria Cruiser 32 you will save extra money on mooring fees. Allow us to introduce our Sax properly.

This sailing boat is situated in ACI marina Trogir, only 6 km away from Split International Airport. A typical design for small sized Bavaria Cruisers is a very modern hull form with a fine entry that carries lots of beam aft. Mast is pushed forward to bow to give more space in saloon. Going down into the interior you'll notice voluminous saloon and lots of freeboard, so it isn’t exactly surprising when you step aboard and find the boat seems quite large for its length. The cockpit is quite spacious for a boat this small and works very well. There’s space for bench seats long enough to sleep on and an absolutely cavernous stowage locker to port. The original, fixed table with folding sides in cockpit was replaced with larger one by our team, and now mealtimes are now much comfortable and pleasant under a large bimini and additional tent. We shouldn't forget to mention a practical fold-down platform dressed in sumptuous teak.
Right upon entering the head below is a small angle kitchen, with lots of lockers hanging up, continuing throughout the saloon. Around the saloon table is a place for 6 people maximum. Cabins, meanwhile, have more floor space than you’d expect, with shelves instead of lockers. Original bed in the forward cabin was quite short, but we extend it up to 2.20m length.
Sax has a great sailing performance, thanks to the mast position, which is, unlike other Bavaria Cruiser boats, moved forward. Headsail is smaller and mainsail bigger, thus achieving better wind angle by upwind sailing and easier and faster tacks. In winds ranging from 5 to 10 knots, this boat can maintain the speed of 4.7 knots.

Here is a list of standard equipment included in price:

Self-tailing winch
Echo sounder/Depth sounder
GPS chart plotter
Plugs 12v
GPS chart plotter - cockpit

Bilge pump - Electric
(Nautical) charts and nautical guide
Battery charger
Shore connection 220 V
Converter 220V/12V
Cockpit table
VHF radio
Bimini top
Cockpit cushions
Solar panels
Electric anchor windlass
Cockpit/stern, outside  shower
Spray hood
Hot water
Radio CD mp3 player + USB
Wi-Fi Internet
Bed linen
Bilge pump - manual

Find out more information regarding equipment, technical details, price and availability on Dalmatia Charter website, following this link.

We are sure that Sax will meet all your expectations and needs on your sailing trip in Croatia, whether you are sailing with your family or friends. Please contact us on and we'll help you organize the best sailing vacation on Adriatic.

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Introducing our fleet: "Sugar Daddy" - Beneteau Cyclades 43.4

Cyclades 43.4 is from Beneteau line, famous French manufacturer who struck with this line a strong imprint to charter boats concept. The boat is characterized by a well-organized space. Stepping aboard the Sugar Daddy (whether from the broad swim platform or from the opening in the lifelines amidships) one is immediately impressed by the boat’s volume. The cockpit is expansive and easy to move around thanks to the twin wheels and walk-around folding table. The cockpit is also uncluttered with no traveler to deal with and a main sheet mounted on the cabin top. This charter yacht based in our Trogir base, only 30km from Split city center, is a plump mid-size cruiser with a 2.9m length to beam ratio which allows for voluminous accommodations. The real charm of this comfortable sailing yacht for family holiday or holiday with friends is the very spacious cockpit which has a huge bimini. This awning hangs on the wires of the mast and doesn’t prevent communication with the deck during sailing or mooring. Mast wires reach up to side of the ship allowing unhindered, spacious and safe passage from the cockpit to the bow.

Cyclades 43.4 rig has 61? clearance which is a pretty tall rig for excellent sail power. The mainsail is large and combines with a small fractionally rigged headsail on this true sloop. Upwind with large main and small jib, Cyclades races 7 knots and exceeding 8 knots downwind. The cabin trunk quickly slopes up with room for the dinghy. Four stainless steel handrails decorate the cabin trunk along with two Lewmar hatches. The cockpit has long benches and a large companionway sill forward. Helms are comfortable and the benches ergonomic. The ergonomics are perfect, and this cockpit is really what the design is all about. You’ll definitely spend most of your time here and you’ll enjoy its spaciousness.
The interior is roomy and takes full advantage of the beam. Not only that, it has a wide stern which allows for two large cabins aft. Six identical portholes line each trunk cabin side, giving a lot of daylight in the saloon. The floor is a composite wood mixture while the upholstery is white faux leather fabric found also on Jeanneau boats. Its nice modern interior with warm teak veneers takes full advantage of the design. The saloon is dominated by a big U-shaped lounge in white leatherette with a further central bench seat which is on a pantograph mechanism for stowage. In kitchen there's a gimbaled two-burner gas hob with oven next to a big top-opening fridge. The laminated work surfaces feature a substantial fiddle rail that can be used as a grab rail. Storage space abounds and the cupboards are deep. Navigation table is the right place for the skipper and crew's devices to charge up.

Headroom measuring just over 2 meters is great all the way through. Beds are spacious at latoflex slats what is rare for charter yachts. The fourth cabin is smaller than the others. There are 2 single beds in this cabin. It may be small for adults, but enough for children (or it can be used as the skipper’s cabin).
Out of standard equipment included in price we’d like to highlight Wi-Fi Internet, Converter 220V/12V, solar panels, dinghy and a bow thruster. More information regarding standard and additional equipment, technical details, price and availability you may find here (link na web – Sugar Daddy). Sugar Daddy's ranking on renowned rating system for charter yachts - is shown on this link. (Euminia link na Sugar Daddy).
With refurbished interior, spaciousness typical for charter boat and modern French design, we are sure we have you interested for this popular charter yacht. If the answer is positive, feel free to contact us on and ask for a quote or any other detail you are interested in, and we'll help you organize the best sailing trip for you and your family or friends in Croatia.

Thursday, May 7, 2015

Introducing our fleet: Bavaria 45 Cruiser "Fado"

Situated in the vicinity of Split town, right next to ancient center of Trogir is our base. Dalmatia Charter’s Trogir base operates with 18 sailing boats and houses the main booking office. If you are one who enjoys a spacious and luxurious yacht, we can offer you one, from our vast Trogir fleet, which will be appealing. We are talking about our Fado, Bavaria 45 Cruiser model from 2011.

Main advantage and feature of this luxury bareboat is its size and comfort ratio. You'll notice this characteristic immediately upon stepping on the cockpit. Twin wheels are pushed right aft, which allows lot of space around cockpit table, seating for 8 people comfortably. Children will definitely like its huge bathing platform dressed in teak, perfect for playing and enjoying the crystal clear sea.
You'll appreciate a perfect set-up of the bimini, which, if leaned onto the wheel you’re in the shade, but if leaned back a little you can see the mainsail. Fado's bow is flat and spacious enough for two couples comfortably to enjoy sunbathing and chilling.

If you enjoy sailing, Bavaria 45 cruiser has furling genoa and in-mast mainsail, practical for handling cockpit equipment. At stronger wind speed, it glides quite impressively - it can reach 7.8 knots at a 35 degree apparent wind angle. Helm response is excellent - you will find the boat a joy to steer.

Entering the saloon, you'll notice lots of ambient lighting, thanks to five large deck windows on the top and six side windows. Modern kitchen with lot of workspace and lockers will definitely excite every cook. The big saloon table comfortably seats 9 people.
The berths aft are generously sized and also have excellent vertical clearance, despite being situated under the cockpit. Each aft cabin has a well-appointed ensuite bathroom. Due to a lot of space in bow, there are two forward cabins. There’s no need to worry about space, beds are 150x200 cm in size and cabins are equipped with two lockers each. The ensuite bathroom is split into two components, with a shower compartment to left and a toilet and small compartment to the right.
We'd like to highlight some of standard equipment included in price: self-tailing winch, Navigation (Nautical) charts and nautical guide,  Cockpit/stern, Outside shower, Wi-Fi Internet, Converter 220V/12V, Solar panels, Dinghy, Bow thruster etc. More information regarding equipment, technical details, price and availability you may found at this link (link na web - Fado). Fado's ranking on a renowned rating system for charter yachts - is shown on this link. (
We are sure this spacious luxury yacht will meet all your expectations and needs on your sailing vacations in Croatia, whether you are sailing with your family or friends. Please contact us on and ask for a quote or any other request you are interested in, and we'll help you organize the best sailing trip around Croatian islands.

Monday, April 27, 2015

How to stay safe on sailing trip

If you want to navigate a sailing yacht from our fleet, you should own an ISSA sailing certificate and RYA certificate for VHF. Those certificates ensure a wide range of knowledge of maritime navigation, protective measures, meteorology, first aid and maritime radio service.
Besides your knowledge it will be smart to familiarize the crew with the rules on the sea, such as safety rules on board. Here are some suggestions how to prepare your crew for emergencies:

Make sure everyone has a life jacket and let them know where they are located. Life jackets are essential safety equipment on board, and we will assure them for you and your crew. While sailing, children should always wear life jackets.
Sailing with children always requires extra attention and caution. Safety net can prevent child’s falling off the boat, as well as pets, toys or equipment.

Show everyone how to stop the boat. Assume, in the worst case scenario, that you are in the water or having a medical or other emergency. Under sail, show them at least how to release the mainsheet and jib sheet immediately to spill the wind and stop the boat. Under power, show them how to shut down the engine and some basic steering maneuvers.
Show everyone where fire extinguishers are located and show them boat’s radio and how to use it. Explain how to switch the radio on and call for help in case of emergency.

Explain the plan if someone falls overboard. Falling overboard is the most common boating accident, a situation that requires immediate action from others in addition to the captain. Tell them what to do if you yourself end up in the water (best they are able to stop the boat so that you can swim to it). You should also explain that you need their help if one crew member falls overboard. Throw the life ring and other floating objects immediately. Assign one person to watch the person in the water all the time, pointing with an outstretched arm. Others should stand by for your orders, such as controlling the sails or preparing a life jacket. It takes a coordinated team effort to return the boat to someone in the water and assist the person back on board.

Follow the weather forecast and warnings at all time. Our base manager will inform you about the weather forecast for three days in advance and about possible local storms. If the storm is announced in your area you will be instructed to make necessary actions with boat equipment and referred to the nearby safe harbor.

Accidents and unexpected situations can happen on the sea, and in these cases you should stay calm and instruct your crew what to do in current situation. Let good old phrase "better safe than sorry" stay on your mind during a trip and your sailing holiday in Croatia on a chartered yacht will be a safe and pleasant experience.

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Explore Dalmatian islands in seven days

Route 1 begins in our charter base in Trogir. First day of your arrival you’ll spend on unpacking things and getting to know the yacht you chartered, so we recommend you spend the afternoon and evening exploring Trogir. Walking through the narrow cobbled streets of this, over a thousand year old, town rich with cultural monuments, you’ll feel the long and rich past of Trogir. Under the auspices of UNESCO, Trogir has very well preserved heritage. Try the fresh Dalmatian fish and meat specialties in restaurants such as: Kaleta, Tragos, Alka, Capo...
On your second day, sail out toward the northern side of island Brač to Milna bay. It is a short distance of sailing – 12NM. If there’s a western wind – Maestral - blowing, this can be your first opportunity to spread sails and enjoy easy sailing. Milna is popular first stop of many sailors if they are coming from Trogir or Split direction, mostly because of the fuel station located at the entrance. In Milna is also an ACI marina with well-equipped berths and other facilities. Milna abounds with souvenir shops, cafes and restaurants. You will find several supermarkets here as well as smaller food stores, bakery, butcher shop and a small fruit and vegetable market. Other quiet coves ideal for swimming are located not far from Milna, such as Osibova, Lučice and Maslinova bay.

Palmižana bay - photo source

On your third morning sail toward Pakleni islands, to St. Klement’s island. With distance of 12NM, and delightful Maestral blowing, you’ll be just in time for lunch in Palmižana bay. With crystal clear sea, rocky beaches and rich flora, Palmižana attracts many charter yachts offering also a well-equipped ACI marina, bars and restaurants with fish and meat specialties.
Next morning, spread your sails and sail toward island Vis, to Stončica bay, a discreet cove with beautiful beach surrounded by thick Mediterranean vegetation and the crystal clear sea. The underwater area has extremely slight decrease, so that even with 30m distance from the shore, the sea level is low and you are in water maybe up to your waist. These conditions are ideal for children and for non-swimmers who have are uncomfortable at great depths. On the beach is a restaurant which offers excellent gastronomic specialties and a wide selection of quality wine. For the ones who like a more active vacation, there’s also a playground for beach volleyball.

Komiža - photo source Tourist Board of Komiža

On the following day we recommend a visit to beautiful Komiža. Komiža is lovely fishermen village situated on the western coast of island Vis. It is a quiet place and less crowded than Vis, surrounded by narrow streets, attractive stone houses squeezed together along the harbor and splendid beaches. Along the entire eastern coast of Komiža bay you'll find many pebble beaches with fresh water springs, such as Gusarica, Nova Pošta, and Velo Žalo. Island Biševo is visible from Komiža (only 5 miles away). It is well known for its geomorphologic phenomenon - Blue Cave. We recommend you spend the night in Komiža, and sail out next morning to Maslinica on island Šolta.
Maslinica, just like Komiža, has a fishing tradition and atmosphere as well as a touristic one. Just at the entrance to the bay, there's a new marina placed on the right side and within, a Martinis-Marchi hotel. At Maslinica you can savor specialties of hotel's restaurant or enjoy them in a traditional konoba where you'll be served local wine and products. Visit a beach bar on the north side of bay or spend a romantic evening listening to “klapa” concerto - a form of traditional a cappella singing on the hotel's terrace. Next morning and lunch you can spend in Maslinica and go swimming in Šešula bay, a quite bay only half mile away from Maslinica. Later in the aternoon of the sixth day of your week at sea on Dalmatia Charter's sailing yacht, we recommend you sail back to Trogir, where our team will wait for you to help you fill the tank before the Friday’s rush in the marina.
We hope we you find Route 1 interested, and if you'll have any question or interests regarding these or other routes and sailing destinations we recommend, feel free to contact us at, we'll gladly organize your sailing holiday.

Friday, April 17, 2015

Children on board - safety comes first

Sailing in Croatia on a chartered yacht can be a great opportunity for children to learn something about the life on the sea, nature and Croatia itself. However, having children on board can be as tricky as it is wonderful.
It is well known to every parent that kids can be easily bored so you need to pack plenty of things which will entertain them and make them busy. They can also be playful and clumsy on deck so ensure some safety features for your child to make sailing safe and fun.

It is important to set safety rules which you have to discuss with the children before the trip. Make sure safety rules are strictly followed, especially when younger children are involved. All children must wear a life jacket when on deck, no child goes on the fore deck when sailing, and if the weather gets really too rough, children must go down below. Beside these rules, parent supervision is inevitable.

If youngest ones are on board, we suggest a safety net. Safety net is the net that is advisable to have hung onto the boat's railing especially when sailing with small children and animals. It prevents children, toys, pieces of equipment or pets from falling overboard. Let Dalmatia Charter team know if you'll need a safety net installed and we'll put it on the boats fence.

Kids are more sensitive of environment change than adults, so make sure that you bring along enough seasickness medicines as well as for flu and stomachaches; sunscreen with a high SPF is a must. Those who bring babies onboard should bare in mind that baby food is not available in every island you sail to, especially if it needs special nurishment.

Children would enjoy their stay on the yacht as long as they find it fun, interesting and exciting, and their parents would enjoy their sailing trip as well! Enjoy sailing in Croatia carefree and safe by letting us know if you will need any equipment or accessories for children and we will include it on your sailing holiday provision.