Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Holiday with sailing boat in Croatia

So you are thinking about your holiday on next summer season, and you want to experience a magic holiday with your family and friends. You definitely want to visit Croatia because you heard about Croatian beauties - islands, nature, sea, beaches, places with great gastro offer and entertaining content. But, how to experience all of it in only one week? We recommend you bareboat cruising in Dalmatia with Dalmatia Charter. Let us organize your sailing holiday and show you its charms.

Dalmatia Charter Team

First, let us introduce ourselves. We are a yacht charter company with boats based in Trogir, a historic town and harbor in Split - Dalmatia County, only 30 km away from Split city, and Marina Kremik, 4km away from the tourist town Primošten.

ACI Marina Trogir

Marina Kremik

Aside from the top quality boats and great technical efficiency, we have friendly booking and technical staff who make sure you feel at home. Technical efficiency, cleanliness and 24/7 support are our company’s core values. Based on Euminia (new customer satisfaction evaluation system) Dalmatia Charter is number 1 among the charter companies in the Adriatic for 4th year in the row ( Treating our fleet with great love for sailing, 27 years of experience and technical knowledge, we have reached the top and ensured our place among the best on the Mediterranean.

Why do we recommend bareboat rent for exploring Croatian coast?

Sunset at Palmizana bay

Every morning there’s a beautiful sunrise to wake up to and every day a new island or place for you to explore. You keep sailing to places and bays whenever you like, as well as stay as long you like taking your time to discover environment. But this is not the only reason why you should charter a boat for a vacation in Croatia. Sailing around Croatian islands, you meet people with a passion for sailing and enjoying life, you meet locals, try the local gourmet specialties and products and discover hidden bays and spots for relaxing, swimming or playgrounds for children. You don't need to be a sailor, neither have a sailing license because our experienced skippers will organize your sailing route, take you to a safe harbor when the storm is coming, show you the best local restaurants and local sights and attractions and be at your disposal as your host during your sailing vacation so you can enjoy a peaceful and comfortable sailing holiday.
Tell us your expectations and interests and we'll organize your vacation and plan the best route and prepare the best bareboat considering your needs, desires and interests.

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Lastovo Archipelago - sailing destination, part 3

Mrčara islet is small uninhabited island located west of the islands of Prežba. On the east coast of the island, in bay Konopljica is a small jetty with a small seasonal restaurant. Jetty is 50m long and 6m deep. Moorage is free for restaurant's guests. It is well sheltered from tramontane and maestral (northwest winds) but open on Bora. Much better shelter from Bora is bay Mrčara on the south side of island. Ships and ferries can generate heavy swells here. Therefore, it is advisable to make sure the anchor holds well and, if necessary, to keep sufficient distance to the pier. Depth in Mrčara bay is 10 - 15m.  Island Mrčara has no water or electricity so prepare yourself for Robinson type of tourism and enjoy in untouched nature.

Češvinica and Saplun

A group of islets located east from island Lastovo are named Lastovnjaci. Four biggest islets of Lastovnjaci are Saplun, Češvinica, Kručica and Stomorina. Mutually at the distance of few miles, this small group of islets can be your area to explore nature and beauty of Lastovnjaci. Bays at Saplun and Česvinica are very small, with depth of 11m, perfect for stay during the day and enjoy diving, we don't recommend it at windy time. Without any human influence, Lastovnjaci are excellent spot to escape from civilization, even for a day.
Also attractive spot for sailors is islet Kopište. This uninhabited little paradise is located 4 nm west from island Lastovo and is one of the favorite spot for underwater fishermen and divers. On the north side of islet is the largest bay Presma, suitable for anchoring, with depth of 15 m and with sand bottom.


The most isolated islet of Lastovo Archipelago is islet Sušac. This offshore islet is very popular among sailors and tourist because of the intensive feeling of detachment from the rest of the world. At Sušac you'll experience profound peace, silence and magnificent open sea views. Only inhabitants on islet are lighthouse workers, a shepherd and dozens of sheep and goats. If you want to visit lighthouse don't forget to bring some food or cigarettes for workers, they will appreciate it. The best places for anchoring are in bay Dol, on the east side of islet and in small bay Duga Cove, just below lighthouse. In both of bays depth is 8 - 12 m. We recommend you to climb on the highest rock Trišćavac and enjoy the view.